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COVID-19   Changes you will see at Pitbauchlie House Hotel

Our teams have received new and updated training to make our environment as safe as possible in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Common public areas have been reorganised and signage provided, please be advised that we require all guests to be aware and adhere to social distancing guidelines.

There are hand sanitiser stations at the entrance to the hotel and throughout the building. Touch points will be disinfected on a regular basis.

In line with government recommendations if you are booked on a breakfast inclusive rate, we will now be serving a Breakfast in a Bag selection of cereal bar, piece of fruit, yoghurt, muffin, fruit juice plus a take away tea or coffee.

There are new perspex screens in-front of reception and a box for placing Keys with sanitising protocols.

There are also similar screens in front of the till points in each bar.

At Check- in we will verbally update your contact details.

At Check–out we will automatically use your payment card details and email receipts.

Guest Rooms: Reduction of in-room furnishings/high-touch items, new laundry protocols, use of new technology with a new in ordering service which will enable you to order meals without direct contact with our staff members.

Tray charges are currently waived and we are happy to serve meals to your bedroom.

Our housekeeping staff will be wearing PPE and will adhering to new government guidelines for servicing bedrooms.

You may decline to have your room serviced during your stay, if you wish.

During your stay should you feel unwell. especially of you beignin to expereince any of the Corona Virus Symptons please contact NHS 24 on 111.

We have a thermometer available, however, should you need to self isolate, please advise to check on availability which regretabbly would not be complimentary.

Please also advise the hotel once you have departed so we can ensure that the room is not entered for a period of 72 hours and so we can initiate deep cleaning protocols.

We are working hard behind the scenes in preparation and will update to advise of our Bar and Bistro opening.


Pitbauchlie House Hotel

47 Aberdour Road


KY11 4PB

Tel: 01383 722282

Fax: 01383 620738

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